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The founders of ZKTeco Co., Limited (ZKTeco) since 1998 has been striving for the independent research and development of biometric verification algorithms and the productization of biometric verification SDK, which was initially widely applied in PC security and identity authentication fields. With the continuous enhancement of the development and a plenty of market applications, the team has gradually constructed identity authentication ecosystem and smart security ecosystem, which is based on biometric verification techniques. With years’experience of the foundation of the industrialization of biometric verifications, ZKTeco was officially established in 2007 and now has been a globally-leading enterprise in biometric verification profession, and has owned various patents and independent intellectual property rights, and has been selected as National High-tech Enterprise for consecutive 6 years.


At present ZKTeco has globally 3,500 employees with approximately 1,000 R&D staffs among them. Headquarters have been established in Dongguan, Xiamen and Wuhan, the Dongguan Headquarter owns modernized manufacturing base, Xiamen Headquarter focuses on the establishment of the enterprise’s software development base and solution innovation center, and Wuhan Headquarter will radiate the enterprise’s strategic layout in the Central Plain of China, and will be one of ZKTeco’s technical and innovation centers, in the meantime a smart video manufacturing base will be established in Wuhan to be the enterprise’ new dynamo in security industry.



ZKTeco has various R&D, design and innovation centers in Silicon Valley, Europe, South Korea, Xiamen, Dalian, Shenzhen and Hangzhou etc. Its sales channels and service networks are widely distributed in the major cities in China, and regions and countries in the world. ZKTeco strives to integrate independent intellectual property rights biometric verification techniques, including fingerprint, face recognition, finger vein, iris recognition with techniques of the Internet, Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, and offers integrated and applied solutions and services, including smart security, smart education, smart medicine, smart finance, smart office, smart community, smart judiciary, smart construction sites, smart tourist spots, identity authentication, city anti-terrorism, and Xue Liang Project to enterprises, judiciary organizations, governments, military units, financial organizations, institutes, construction sites and traffic etc.

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آلة الحضور - بصمة القدرات: 1000
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